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Elegance has never been better represented by our Premium Licensed Range Rover for Kids.

From start to finish, this Premium product from Range Rover is nothing short of astonishing, both in terms of design and quality build.

With extremely careful attention to details, nothing is left out to ensure that this Premium products ticks all requirement from matching interior and exterior design to leather seats, steering wheels, dashboard, ignition keys, even down to the engine sound.

Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, your baby is guaranteed a longer ride time. A charging adapter is included in the package.

There are multiple car control options available. First, once the car has been powered by turning the ignition key, your baby can move the car using the electric foot pedal as well as the steering wheels while also controlling the forward and reverse movement using the hand held gear. Another control option is the Parental Remote Control. With the parental remote control, at the press of a button, you or any adult can also have access to all control functionalities which includes the forward and reverse movement, speed control as well as emergency stop. The parental remote control option comes in handy for parents with younger babies who still needs assistance driving the car.

For comfort while riding, the Range Rover  for kids comes with Leather seats. Also for maximum safety, safety seat belts as well as shock absorbers are fitted in the car so as to handle even tougher terrain with ease.

There are multiple entertainment options for your baby to enjoy, starting with the inbuilt MP3 music function and FM Radio. Interestingly, you can also decide to personalise your baby’s entertainment experience through the Auxiliary input option as well as the SD card support option which are all be found in the dashboard of the car.

This Range Rover Vogue has opening doors, opening bonnet where other toys can be stored, as well as full headlights and rear lights.


  • AGE : 1 – 7 years
  • Double seater (Leather seats)
  • Full headlights and rear lights
  • Opening doors
  • Key ignition
  • Parental remote control
  • MP3 music function
  • FM radio
  • SD card support
  • Auxiliary support
  • Storage bonnet


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